Lady Dragon Bimbo

After finally getting his armor back, LDM rushed to put it on and regain his power. However, as soon as the helm was place on his head it was too late to realize that his suit had been cursed…

Teacup Sissy

Random Live Stream RP idea

Live Stream Commissions - Round 1

Live Stream - July 5, 2014

Jonathan X Kraken

Mistress Circe

Clockwork Pup

Sissy Joani

Sissy Joani

Argrim X Circ x Jonathan

OC Sketch (johndylena)

Jonathan revealed

Mistress brush (Noelle x Vicki)

Live Stream - June 23, 2014

Jonathan - presenting

Beryl X Jonathan - Surprise visit

Dragonzord-Tan Battlemode

Ancient Succubus

Jonathan Play Pen

Gemfire - unleashed


This was in my head at 7am on the drive to work after looking at Blackshirtboys tumblr during breakfast….:D

:Melting Moon:

Live Stream - June 16, 2014

Jonathan X Noelle X Caley - Worship

Ezekiel X Raife

Joani - Sissy time

Slave #87

Argrim Intermission #1 (Nia)

Argrim Intermission #2 (Argrim)

Argrim Intermission #3 (Darry)

Jonthan X Raife - Entrancing